Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago

Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago is a Chicago based, premium bio hazard remediation and crime scene clean-up company. Since the year 2006 the company has been offering humanitarian and professional services to employers and families who are either traumatized or affected by the death of a colleague, a family member, or an adored person due to industrial accidents, homicide, or suicide.

Our employees have fixed communicable diseases’ decontamination, blood clean up, professional sanitation for multiple crime scenes, restoring contaminated building and hoarding situations. The company is clearly aware that it these conditions are upsetting and unexpected, but they are difficult to clean and are very dangerous.

Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago is prioritized to any emergency rapid response. Its professional service experts are accessible nation-wide for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can easily call them at any particular time. The company has an amazing customer support team ready to solve all your queries.


Here are the services offered by Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago.

1. Crime and Homicide Scene Clean-up Services

If you have heard or had a crime, homicide or any other crucial blood spill in your business premises or your home. Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago understands how the experience can be painful and really upsetting. Right after the police responds, you are the one left with the uncertainty, the pain and the mess.

Blood and body fluids may be damage to property, dust, tear gas, chemicals, and fingerprints. The investigation of crime scenes usually results to cross-contamination from one room to the other. It may seem too overwhelming and also difficult to know where to begin.

The company has treated some of the most complex and imaginable situations; it has gained the respect of law enforcement and first customers in all parts of the country.

2. Trauma and Suicide Clean-up Services

Suicide and trauma cleaning consists of sanitizing or removing any object that is believed to have been contaminated with bodily fluids or blood. In order to avoid the spread of blood borne pathogens such as E.coli, MRSA, or HIV, the Company utilizes treatment cleaning remedies and acts purposely to ensure that each and every drip of bodily fluids or blood is thoroughly re-mediated.

Guidelines from the federal, state, and local authorities regulate a larger percentage of the activities Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago carries out and it has an all time compliance department that ensures all the cleaning criteria in every city are sustained for trauma and suicide cleaning services.

If you are dealing with trauma or suicide cleanup, Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago’s experts are always ready to re-mediate your business premises or home.

3. Unattended Dead Body Removal

This is one of the most challenging situations that Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago faces as death cleanup experts. This is due the death of a person dies and is not found for days or even longer. This can be a difficult task keeping in mind the upsetting and disturbing nature of decomposition and the health hazards related to it. Re-mediating this situation requires professionals that Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago is dedicated to provide.

If the body is left untreated, the smallest amount of biological material may cause crucial physical damage within your business premises or your home. Airborne bacteria lead to the occurrence of lingering odors which can impact both the safety and well-being of future occupants and the same time is very unpleasant.

Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago offers unattended death cleanup services to individual families, property managers and commercial accounts.

4. Blood Cleanup Services

Cleaning massive blood spots in a business premises or industrial location needs high levels of employee protection guidelines which demand them to be well-trained in hazardous communications protocols, safety equipment (PPE) and in blood-borne pathogens. Identification of the area and restricting any access is practiced until the area is completely sanitized and all the materials have been cleaned or cleaned. But, Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago does not clean blood spills on household carpets.

The methods used for cleaning blood spills includes, rigorous cleaning procedures, structural remediation, disinfection of affected and adjacent areas and bio-hazard removal. When the experts finish, the cleaned sections are later on tested in order to ensure that there is no biological material is left behind that may cause physical damage or produce odor.

5. Industrial Accident Cleanup Services

Accidents may occur anywhere at any particular time. But, much of the work did in homes and building structures, Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago’s experts regularly clean automobile and mechanical contamination in manufacturing operations and industrial plants,

Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago has cleaned and sanitized challenging conditions that comprise heavy machinery, commercial buses, airplanes, trains and personal cars. Its employees are well- trained to support all lockout-tag out procedures in manufacturing operations and in different facilities.

Because of potential health hazards from blood borne pathogens, OSHA guidelines demand that blood and other biological fluids should be cleaned and properly disposed in medically approved containers by highly skilled employees with personal protective equipment.

6. Tear Gas Removal and Cleanup Services

Tear gas pellets or missiles damages property, and the remains they left behind may lead to a crucial health hazard risk. In some instances, dozens or multiple rounds are fired into a structure to subdue a suspect by Law Enforcement personnel.

Using modernized and advanced technology and strict control measures, Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago offers professional cleanup for your business premises or home. It carries out structural remediation to remove damaged walls, floors and surface coverings, and carefully clean affected sections in your home to preserve safety. Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago routinely works with law enforcement agencies that refer its services, and the employees are well-trained in challenging crime scene cleanup situations involving tear gas.

7. Hoarder Cleanup Services

Over the years Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago has been assisting families and friends recover properties from the outcomes of hoarding or neglect for a long period of time.

Hoarding cleanup services usually consist of massive mounds of materials, which may enhance the growth of mold or bacteria and at the same time preventing normal cleaning activity or access to clean and disinfected water. Some hoarder situations are further contaminated with animal remains or animal wastes such as feces.

Experts begin by removing and disposing of any material that cannot be reused or recycled, keeping in mind local, state and federal regulations for bio-hazardous materials. The next step is to clean and deodorize the whole section, utilizing treatment cleaning remedies and procedures in order to assist in protecting the value of your property.

8. Bio-hazard Removal and Remediation Services

Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago is the leading bio-hazard cleaning company to incorporate ATP testing procedures, the same tests that hospitals use to investigate the presence of biological contaminants, in its biohazard remediation procedures.

Right after removing all the visible biological material and fluids from a crime scene, the experts carry out an ATP pretest in order to verify how much bio-hazard residues, even though they are invisible to the naked eye. After the decontamination procedure is complete, a second test is done in order to make sure that the ATP levels are zero. This is to guarantee that all that is left an area has been completely re-mediated.

9. Vehicle or Car Accident Clean Up Services

All remediation cleaning programs especially vehicle bio-hazard situations have significant differences. If a company decides to clean your vehicle as part of a repair service, always keep in mind that this only removes all the visible dirt and debris. You may also experience recurring odor, or even worse which could be infectious bio-hazard.

In recent years Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago has fixed all kinds of automobiles, such as passenger automobiles, and commercial buses. It offers immediate professional solutions, which assists to reduce the cost and prevent any future complications. You can easily go home with your vehicle with a sanitary and a healthy state simply by seeking Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago services. Check out our areas of service.